Spire Studio by iZotope - All-in-one wireless multitrack recording device

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See how FUSE of 808 Mafia gets INSPIRED:

A liberating recording solution combining powerful hardware with an innovative mobile app. Never lose another song idea again.

Spire Studio makes it easy to record and share music

Soundcheck in Spire Studio intelligently detects the instrument you’re playing to set input levels and sculpt your tone. Easily share your song to co-writers, bandmates, and friends via a cloud link to preview the song, open the Spire project, and even download the stems.

Aubrey & Charley Write a Song

Watch singer-songwriter Aubrey Haddard perform her single “Swim” with Spire Studio. 

Spire Studio Hardware Features

Spire Studio’s hardware is engineered to bring your song from an idea to a complete track.

Why Spire Studio?


Quickly capture amazing audio

Record anywhere with a built-in studio mic, 2 inputs, automatic Soundcheck, and 4+ hours of battery life.

Expand ideas with layers

Layer up to 8 tracks and use the Spire app to add effects, clarity, and fullness to your sound.

Mix & share anywhere

Visually mix your tracks, export to your desktop, send to friends, and publish from within the app.

What people are saying

“...the most convenient little multi-tracker I've found (and sounds great too!)”

John Paul White

“So quick and easy to use...I am in love with this thing.”

Pete Townshend
The Who

“Studio quality, but with the ease of using your phone...best of all worlds!”

Michael Calabrese
Lake Street Dive

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