Hooke Verse: Wireless Headphones That Record Sound In 3D

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A Revolution In Audio

- Record & playback 3D Audio
- Works on Android (EXCEPT SAMSUNG), iPhone, GoPro, DSLR, recorders & more
- Proprietary pro grade Bluetooth recording (16bit 48kHz stereo audio at .0043ms)
- Included cable for wired 3D audio record
- Active noise isolation
- Music listening/Hands free calling

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Continuous 3D Audio record: 8 – 9 hours
Continuous playback: 9 – 10 hours


Proprietary Hooke Audio 16bit 48kHz stereo Bluetooth recording codec
.0043ms latency
Android/iOS compatible
Frequency: 120MHz
Sample Rate: 48kHZ
Bit Rate: 16bit
Bluetooth: 5.0

Mobile App

Record video in binaura 3D audio, or just binaural 3D audio.

Adjust mic gain, monitor level and apply sound filters to recordings. Share to Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Email and text.

Experience Hooke Audio with any pair of headphones or speakers.

Speaker Drivers

Freq Response: 20Hz – 16kHz
Type: Dynamic
IMP impedance: 16ohm


Freq Response: 20Hz – 20kHz
Type: Electret condensor
Sensititivity: -32sB+/-2dB
Direction: omni directional
Max SPL: 125dBSPLE (THD=105%)


Hooke Recording Cable (included)
Lossless wired binaural 3D audio recording to GoPro 4,5,6,7 and Session, DSLRs with external mic inputs, field recorders, computers, mixers, ProtTools and more.
Connectors: 1. 10-pin mini USB (GoPro) 2. Stereo, line level 3.5mm male connector