Eventide UltraTap [download]

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Eventide calls their UltraTap "the mother of all Echoplexes," and it's an apt description. Imagine taking a classic tape-based delay machine and adding as many tape heads as you want. That's what you can do with the UltraTap. Dial in simple rhythmic delays, sputtering reverbs, pad-like swells, or otherworldly modulation effects taken from Eventide's popular H9 Harmonizer. Craft exciting drum fills, vocal choruses, swelling guitar chords, and other evolving effects. You can even tweak sounds in real time using UltraTap's The Ribbon to morph between settings. With over 150 presets in all, UltraTap injects your DAW with the inspiring Eventide effects that guitarists and synth players have grown to love.